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Olha Senyk, Ridna Shkola teacher

Upon finding themselves in a new country, Ukrainian immigrants worked hard to stay together as a community for the preservation of the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture. To do so, they built Ukrainian cultural centers, schools, and churches. Through the …


Maksym Prokopovych, Ridna Shkola student

It is important to me to attend Ukrainian School or “Ridna Shkola” because I want to know about my family’s history.  I think that if you are not familiar with your past, you cannot have a solid future.  I want …


Laryssa Reifel, mother of Ridna Shkola student

I send my child to Ridna Shkola because Ridna Shkola offers my child the opportunity to expand both her language skills and social network. Speaking, reading and writing at home is one thing but I think that to really learn …